Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 months ago I lost a rather large chunk of my heart, My Andretti was cut loose his mortal coil, far far too soon.

He will never leave me; he is my heart, he is my soulpartner and I am his. 
Windrock Sin City Playboy, CD, RE

"Andretti Ducati" Stine

5 months ago my heart, my love, Andretti passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. My tears have not stopped falling, I think of him almost everyday. I miss his soft browness and his unflagging dedication to making me think I wasn't the #1 in his life. But I was, and he was my #1, and we both knew it. I pine for the connection he and I had at a very base level; he was mine and I was his, there was never one moment in our lives that I questioned that. 

For 8 1/2 short years Andretti was my constant companion and a great ambassador of the breed. He was a confident, happy and outgoing soul who wore many hats and excelled in so many ways. He could course, but loved the lure maybe just a bit to selfishly. He was a fiend for agility, but was far to accident prone to ever participate without giving observers heart palpitations. He was an obedience champion, but told me when he was finished showing off to judges for titles to prove it. He only thrived in the conformation ring once he became a veteran and people would clap for him due to his age, otherwise he found it mind-numbing. He taught more veterinary students more things than anyone cares to remember, and saved so many lives by donating fresh blood every time he was called upon. He loved children madly, even though we have none. He tolerated cats, a lot. He worked the ranch like a professional, supervising all tasks horse, sheep or chicken related. He managed the pack flawlessly, policing all fun and reporting any and all insubordination. He was a peacekeeper, setting the example for all newcomers, permanent or transient, human, canine, feline, equine. No matter, Andretti set the flavor and tone and nobody ever challenged it. 

Andretti was the perfect dog for me. When I was asked what I was looking for in a puppy, I said personality. I wanted a confident and clever dog, I got that and more. I'll never know how Kim knew that he and I were meant for each other but I am forever grateful for her matchmaking skills. 

Andretti died in my arms, it was just him and me and the silence that comes with death's passage. The moment his heart stopped beating, a piece of my heart died forever. He was my first greyhound, and he will forever be my best greyhound.
Godspeed, Andretti, I'll see you on the flip side. I promise.