Sunday, September 19, 2010

Read your obedience rules/regulations

Nowhere does it say how far down on the 'Long Down' is too far down.

Nor does it say they have to remain fully awake.

When this happened, I let my breath out because I knew we were home free.* Andretti does not move once he's decided to 'throw down'. If all the obedience tests were this simple. :)

*this was last year at Del Monte KC, Andretti's final leg of his CD. We're working on his CDX this year.
The BEST part of Open Obedience; the dumbell and the highjump!

We do NOT routinely do jumps on the pavement, it's not safe or healthy. These were set up for the photos after we had put them away and our grass area was occupied.
Over!!!! He loves 'over'.


  1. Ha ha! I know what you mean. The more comfortable they get when the go down, the better!

  2. Travis did and Riley does lay that flat in down stays, but never has anyone fallen asleep. So funny! :-)

  3. That is so great. I'm thinking obedience does not stress him out.