Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Sleeping dogs are always good dogs, I doubt anyone will disagree with me on that one.

So many people are misinformed in this area when it comes to greyhounds. Non-greyhound people think these dogs are always on the go, always active and that they require a large amount of time and space to keep up with all that 'greyhound energy'. HAH! Yeah, right. They sleep a LOT. Greyhounds don't even make the top 20 if you're rating breeds on energy level. I've come to believe that dogs are a completely a product of their enviroment (duh) and thus it isn't hard to believe that none of my dogs are morning dogs. Ever. Darby started out as a morning dog, but quickly came to the understanding that being a morning dog would get him nothing but ignored and lonely in the Stine household. I detest mornings, everybody who knows me knows that. My dogs reflect that fact. Dee and Q are the most adapted, some weekends not bothering to get out of bed until well after 10am, not even to empty bladders. Drett and Darby can at least be shamed into getting up and going outside before noon, the other two literally have to be dragged out of bed.

My pack will sleep anywhere, anytime and in any configuration. They don't require personal space to sleep; they will pile up like cord wood if decent sleeping space is limited. Although they prefer and are provided poofy dog beds and soft sofas, they don't hesitate to flop out on any hard, un-cushioned surface. Sunbeams are prime real estate, the sofa and bed are coveted and metered out in what I'm suspecting are scheduled timeshares. Crowds don't phase anybody in this household; they rack out ringside at dog shows, tableside at sidewalk cafes and coffee shops, tradeshows and streetfairs proving that a good nap waits for nothing and no one. I knew that. :)