Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get your peanut butter out of my chocolate

I just wouldn't have believed this unless I had seen it. And I did see it, and my camera just happened to be available. Greyhounds are NOT golden retrievers, they do NOT cuddle with each other, in fact, most of them need a 'buffer' space to sleep comfortably. I'm very happy to know that my dogs can be the exception to the rule. With 4 sighthounds (okay, technically, Q is a toy breed, so really 3.25 sighthounds), it makes me a very firm believer in behavior molding and the ability to influence the way they interact together as a pack with a little diligence, persistence and guidance. Space issues, snipping and grumbling are not tolerated, so it can't just be luck (although they are all really really even, good tempered dogs).

Reality in these photos is that Darby wanted to be up on the couch, and Dretti absolutely refused to move. So......I"m really amazed though that Dretti didn't say a word, or even give Darby a little 'face' to tell him to step-off. I love my dogs.

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