Friday, March 26, 2010

Semi-Hardened Criminal

Another posting from our blog from September, 2009

Darby’s litter has it’s own blog, and one of the puppy owners updates it on a pretty regular basis. This is a pretty destructive litter, apparently, but it seems we got the angel of the bunch with the shortest list of destruction/theft/badness to his credit. None the less, Darby was listed along with the rest of the pups.
UPDATE: As this post was typed I hear AtH calling from the diningroom:
“Sweetie, stop him!!! He’s chewing up this cushion!!”
And indeed, he was. Well, okay, he was just pulling the stuffing out of a preexisting hole in one of the dog beds that I had removed the cover from. So he was more taking an open opportunity to spread pillow fluff than really destroying anything. He WAS pulling it out of the original hole.

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