Friday, September 10, 2010

Kids babysitting other peoples kids

Darby crash got his first real job: babysitting a baby. And she's just about the cutest little thing. He played careful keepaway with her.
Because he's all grown up, he can hold the toy higher!!! But she didn't care. Playing with the big dogs makes her happy;

Darby showed her the best places to sniff, and they practiced smelling stuff together
They ran and tumbled and played with all the really good toys (which Darby was all too willing to share)

And when Darby, Andretti, Dee and Q were too pooped to run with her, she just ran by herself. Like a little maniac until she wore herself out and had to take a nap. Right where she ran out of energy under one of the trees. Darby hovered like a mom-dog making sure everything was good with the sleepy pup.
Puppies are like lithium batteries; all or nothing, no in between. :)

It was a fun afternoon for everyone, but I think the big dogs were just fine seeing the little kid off to her new home. Quiet, blissful quiet, once again.


  1. She is so tiny! See how much growing you have to do, baby girl? Eat your breakfast, you need the proteins.

  2. Beautiful photos. Love, love, love the last one. Sniff.

  3. Ha ha! When we still had our big male, Hawk, he was scared witless of puppies! Darby is a real trooper to put up with her. Greyhound puppies are the devil! I just love all your pictures!

  4. So.freaking.cute! Love baby hounds.

  5. She is a whirlwind! She belongs to Sheila Grant and Gail Burnham. I brought her back with me from Bethanne Gordon in New Mexico over the labor day weekend. Serendipitous circumstances is all I can say to explain all of that coming together, completely serendipitous.